• New Color Ereader-Pocketbook Viva

    New Color Ereader-Pocketbook Viva

    Pocketbook has just announced Pocketbook Viva, the first dedicated e-reader uses the revolutionary color E Ink Gallery 3 Display. The innovative 8-inch screen can display a full color gamut, making color content on eye-friendly E Ink screen brighter than ever. It will ship out in April 2023, and ...
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  • 2023 New Design Wireless Keyboard Case

    Keyboard case is becoming more popular items in our life.  It could turn your tablet in to a laptop in one second.  It provides more productivity in your work in recent years.  Now let’s introduce our new design keyboard case. 1. Updated Rotating magneitc removable keyboard case This wirele...
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  • All-new Kindle 2022 vs Kindle Paperwhite 2021

    All-new Kindle 2022 vs Kindle Paperwhite 2021

    Amazon has upgraded version of its entry-level Kindle in 2022 , would be higher grade up than Kindle paperwhite 2021? Where are the difference between both? Here’s a quick comparison.   Design and display In terms of design, the two are similar. The 2022 Kindle has a basic design and it’s a...
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  • Kindle 2022 vs 2019

    Kindle 2022 vs 2019

    Amazon’s 2022 Kindle brings many new features over the 2019 edition, the differences between the two models are quite clear. The new 2022 Kindle is objectively better than the 2019 version across various parameters, including weight, screen, storage, battery life and charging time. The 202...
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  • New note-taking device- Lenovo Yoga Paper

    The Lenovo Yoga Paper E Ink tablet that has just released and pre-sale in China.This is the first purely E INK device that Lenovo has ever made and it is very noticeable. The Yoga Paper comes with a 10.3-inch E Ink display a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixel and 212 PPI. The display is a light-sen...
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  • Amazon Kindle Scribe VS Remarkable 2

    Amazon Kindle Scribe VS Remarkable 2

    Amazon announced a brand-new Kindle Scribe which is more than just an extra-large e-reader. The Scribe is Amazon’s first E Ink tablet for reading and handwriting notes. It includes a pen that doesn’t ever need to be charged so you can immediately start writing in your books or in its ...
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  • Kindle Scribe VS Kobo Elipsa

    Amazon Kindle had just released Kindle Scribe which is a note taking ereader . It faces stiff competition from other E Ink tablets such as Kobo, Onyx,and Remarkable 2. Now let’s compare Kindle scribe with Kobo Elipsa. The Kindle Scribe is Amazon’s first E Ink tablet with an extra-large e-r...
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  • More competitive e-note ereaders in 2023

    The e-note taking ereaders running E INK screen technology is started to get competitive in 2022 and will go into overdrive in 2023. There are more choices than ever before. Amazon Kindle is always one of the most popular and beloved eBook readers in the world. Everyone has heard of it. They une...
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  • Best Black Friday Kindle deals-Kindle Paperwhite 2021

    Best Black Friday Kindle deals-Kindle Paperwhite 2021

    If you’re looking for the perfect, yet affordable gift for family, friends, and children,  the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is a great option now. Amazon is heavily discounting Kindle e-readers right now. If you are looking to buy the latest generation Kindles, this is the best time t...
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  • The New e-note and e-reader Kindle Scribe

    The Amazon Kindle Scribe is a totally new Kindle, and it’s both a reading  and a writing device.  You can do a ton of different things with it, with the accompanied stylus. View and edit PDF files, annotate eBooks or freehand draw. This is the first 10.2-inch E INK product in the world that has ...
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  • Best 3 Tablets for 2022 Black Friday

    Black Friday 2022 is almost coming, but deals have already started. As you know, a tablet is a great item of tech to buy during the shopping day. Apple, Amazon, Samsung and some other brands all have fantastic deals on both high end and casual tablets. Major retailers like Best Buy and Walmart ha...
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  • Top best 5 ereaders in 2022

    Top best 5 ereaders in 2022

    Printed books are nice but they have a lot of limitations that can easily be overcome with an eReader. Apart from having finite battery life, eReaders is more portable to enjoy entire library of e-books, and never be stuck for something to read.  Here are the best eReaders you can buy in 2022 – i...
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