OEM keyboard case

A keyboard case is now becoming a business causal partner. It could be widely used in company conferencing, business conferencing, and specially study. It will be more popular for business persons and students.


Here is one of our business solutions for OEM Keyboard case, which is for education students. The client would like to compete the tender of keyboard case for local education school students, who will use the keyboard case to take lessons online .
When we get the inquiry from the client, firstly we need to confirm the client’s special demands.
Then confirm the requests as below.


First, confirm the design style of the keyboard case.
As you know, one keyboard case is made out of a back cover, a keyboard and a PU leather outer cover. Plus, there are two styles keyboard case,  one is a removable keyboard case, the other is an integrated keyboard case. The first one is slim and cheaper. The second is a bit more expensive.
As the keyboard case is used by students. So the client chose the more slim and cheaper one- removable keyboard case. At the same time, the client decided the material of the keyboard case.

Second confirm the tablet model.
As we said before, the back shell is one of the important part of the keyboard case. The back shell is perfectly compatible with the tablet model. So we need to confirm the tablet model.
If the tablet is customized model. We should design the back cover according the real machine. It will take 15-20 working days to make the mould and product the back shell.
If the tablet is hot selling in the market. The back shell will be in the stock.
Luckily, this client requested one of the hot selling tablets in the market.
So it will save a lot of time to product for us.

Third confirm the keyboard style and product the sample.


The client would like to OEM the language keyboard. Then we designed the language keyboard mould drawing with special words. After receiving the design confirmation, we start to product the sample keyboard and the outer cover case. Plus the client requested the longer charging cable and type-c charging port keyboard. That is also ok for us.

Forth confirm the sample.
After finishing the sample, we tested and confirmed all the keys whether it is smooth to type out all the special words. After our test, all is ok. Then sent the sample to the client.
When the client received the sample, he tested it again and gave us the positive feedback.
Of course, he finally won the tender.
You may have a question. How to use the wireless keyboard case at the same classroom and same time? Don’t worry. We will help you.

If you would like to OEM/ODM keyboard case, just choose us. We had rich experience of OEM keyboard case for years, and help my clients finish the order perfectly.