OEM tablet case TPU Case

Here is one of our business solutions for clients.

We had received an inquiry of OEM tablet cover years before. The client had ordered thousands of OEM tablets for local restaurants food ordering. He would like to make an OEM tablet case to protect it. The case should be easy to clean, shockproof, TPU material and other details.

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Actually, he already had received one sample for others, but he did not satisfy it. So he looked for other manufacture to make it . He listed all the problems of the first sample, and expect us to improve.

We had analysed the problems and offered our solution. And we promised if the client satisfy with what we design, we will produce the sample as soon as possible. Or, we will continue to modify the design until the customer is satisfied.
He believed us and let us start.
Below are the steps of our solution.
First, design the tablet case.
Due to the material and style of the tablet case, it is a single TPU Case. So, the first thing we need to do is to negotiate with the customers. Is there any particular demands to the button placements, camera openings, and other necessary features? This is what we must do in order not to misunderstand customer needs. After clearly receiving the customer's requirements, we suggest the client offer us the real machine , then we could get the exact machine size and make the case fit much more perfectly. After receiving the tablet, we design through CAD and confirm with the customer whether it is what they need. When the client saw what we design, the client satisfied with it instantly. And let us produce the sample as soon as possible. 

Case 1

Second, Confirmation and customization of sample production.

Once the design is confirmed, our factory starts to produce sample immediately. Our factory will make a mould according to the design , and based on client demand to decide what material need to be used. These molds will be used to produce the tablet cases. Besides, the sample units need to be evaluated and tested. Ensure that the samples meet client quality standards, fit the tablets properly, and align with client design expectations. After this, we sent the sample to customer and let them check if the product is what they want. Then we received the feedback was great, and needed to customize the logo too. We considered customizing the product was TPU shell and usage scenario, choosing the carved logo will be more suitable. We also offered two styles logo design drawing. After the client decided the logo design, the molds adjusted to be added the logo too.

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vcvb (4)

Third, Final confirm.

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After the sample with the logo was produced, we took photos and videos, and sent them to the customer for confirmation again. After the customer's confirmation, we could inform the factory to start the customized production of 1000pcs order. Like I said before, all products will be evaluated and tested to ensure the quality is what the client needs. After this order, the client instantly place orders of this item and other sizes products.

If you needs to customize other sizes of products in the future, we will confirm with your requirements, and ensure that our design and quality of the products meet the customer's needs, and then allocate the samples. Sincerely meet the needs of customers to reach a mutually satisfactory transaction.
We always offer your special OEM case solutions.