Recently,  some people found that multiple of  the Kindle items are not in stock on their authorized retail channels such as Alibaba, T-Mall, Taobao, and JD. Few products are still on the store shelf, because they are all of stock.

Amazon launched the first Kindle ereader in China in 2013 , and has launched many different models over the years. One of their most notable e-readers was the Kindle Migu X, which had both the Kindle Store and the Migu store on the device, so customers had options on which bookstore to do business with. In 2019, Amazon shuttered their e-commerce business. Over a decades-long time, Amazon struggles to chip away at the dominance of their competition.  But it is not very successful to keep the important position in the market.

More and more new digital devices, color e-readers and regular ebook readers launch, people have more options to choose. Brands such as Boyue, Onyx Boox, iReader, iFlytek, Hanvon, and dozens of others have made a significant dent in Kindle sales. Not to mention, the Kindle bookstore is not as popular as it used to be. They are losing ground to Dangdang, Jingdong, and others.

Will Amazon pull the Kindle out of China?

Chinese media reports has received Amazon reply, that is not true,  they did not receive any instructions.  They explain it is normal ,for which the devices are out of stock nowaday.  They will replenish the devices in the following-up days.


Post time: Jan-07-2022